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How it works?

Your custom knowledge base AI Chatbot, or Website Customer support chat widget - can be integrated in any website, with simple code snippet!

Test a Demo Widget below, it's trained on all information available on website.

Example Question:

'What are top use cases for ChatHelpAI?'

How to configure your AI ChatHelp Bot

To get started quickly, watch this onboarding video or visit our help docs.

We’re always happy to talk to our users, so if you need anything, talk with us directly on our – Telegram Support Channel.

  1. Create OpenAI account here
  2. Create & Copy your OpenAI API key here
  3. Create your First Project & paste your OpenAI API key in your Project Settings –
  4. Import your data sources
  5. All Done! Now your can chat with your documents from a Panel or share external chat link, or create a Website Chat Widget.

Monitor your OpenAI usage here

Still have a question? Browse documentation or connect with us on Discord

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